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Silent Running Marketing

Quietly providing extra resources for your business

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We will listen to you and help agree a pro-active way forward. You tell us what you need and what you want to achieve.

Silent Running want to understand your business so we can offer you the best possible solution.




This is achieved through a series of planned marketing and sales initiative agreed and implemented with you giving a fully traceable pathway. Results can be analysed and a continuous way forward mapped out.


 Silent Running will provide a simple, friendly, support service – without employing extra personnel. We will look at every case individually and price accordingly to be fair. No job too small no job to big.


Silent Running can actively help you hunt out quality new business and new sales. The team members have good experience in this critical area to developing new accounts and initial rapport for your company.

Experienced help professional services


The experience with-in Silent Running means we have professional people who have worked on major branded products , own label products,  and in general  services either with Silent Running or in their own past history.

The range and diversity of commercial and private businesses runs across  many sectors and brands.

We look at all projects and work on an individual basis and find a solution that suit you.

          Sales + Training

Quietly providing extra resources for your business

A clear strategic plan of action using a range of highly flexible services can be tailored to accommodate your needs and provide a professional solution.

We will work with you to get the best possible option for the business.