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Silent Running Marketing

Quietly providing extra resources for your business

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Silent Running  client charter

The company’s challenge is to provide a set of resources for small to medium size professional businesses that needed an outsourced sales and marketing service  

We have available a wide range of options, on a when you need it basis with-out causing large extra costs.

 Silent Running has low overheads and can manage small or large projects.

 Sales Strategies and Campaigns

 Web site development

 Collateral and Advertising

Silent Running is an independent consultancy  principally working with small and medium sized businesses to improve or implement sales and marketing promotions for their products or services.

Silent Running has  experience in providing a range of resources and  functions that you need but some-times do not have the  time or the staff to arrange yourself.

We quietly assist your business with our hands on pro-active approach. We have a wealth of expertise and knowledge to help support businesses that maybe lack sales or marketing personnel or initiatives to build extra business.

We operate seamlessly and  silently in the background helping your business achieve its aims and objectives.

Our prime objective is to make sure the customer is happy with the service we provide be it a small single piece of work or an on going monthly or annual account.

We treat every company and person individually. We listen  and work carefully with them to reach the objectives set in developing business and a growing relationship.

Welcome to an external support service for your business.

 Marketing Campaigns and Planning

 Product Launches

 Proposition Development

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